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            New facility houses ASMPT’s Hong Kong R&D Centre

            Mrs. Carrie Lam, The Chief Executive of The HKSAR, together with Ms. Orasa Livasiri, Chairman of the Board, ASMPT, and Mr. Lee Wai Kwong, Chief Executive Officer of ASMPT, host the opening ceremony.

            Hong Kong, 6 May 2019 – ASM Pacific Technology Limited (“ASMPT” or “the Group”), (Stock code: 0522), a global technology and market leader, which develops and provides leading-edge solutions in surface mount technology, equipment and materials for the semiconductor assembly and packaging industries, today celebrated the grand opening of its new Hong Kong office at Gateway ts in Tsing Yi. The opening ceremony was officiated by The Honourable Mrs. Carrie LAM CHENG Yuet-ngor, The Chief Executive of the HKSAR; together with Ms. Orasa Livasiri, Chairman of the Board, ASMPT, and Mr. Lee Wai Kwong, Chief Executive Officer of ASMPT.

            With guests including government officials, academicians and business leaders in Hong Kong as well as the international business community, the opening of the new office marked a milestone for ASMPT. The move to Tsing Yi is a giant change for ASMPT, after almost four decades at its old office in Kwai Chung.

            Occupying more than 300,000 sq. ft., the new facility houses ASMPT’s Hong Kong R&D (Research & Development) Centre. With about 30% of ASMPT’s total R&D headcount, the R&D centre in Hong Kong is the largest of ASMPT’s ten R&D centres around the globe. Almost 50% of the over 1,300 employees in Hong Kong work in R&D.

            At the ceremony, Mrs. Carrie Lam said, “Innovation and technology (I&T) is a sector dear to my heart and is among the key policy priorities of the current term of Government. And central to building an I&T hub here in Hong Kong is a thriving R&D industry. I am therefore glad that ASM Pacific Technology opens its new R&D centre here today. I look forward to working with the company and other industry players in promoting I&T development in Hong Kong.”

            Mr. Lee Wai Kwong added: “ASMPT was founded in Hong Kong back in 1975, so our origin and heritage are deeply rooted in Hong Kong. Today, we have grown to become the world’s No.1 provider of semiconductor assembly and packaging equipment, and surface mount technology (SMT) solutions.”

            Mr Lee further explained: “This new Gateway facility, which includes an Innovation Centre, is a culmination of many years of the Group’s efforts in technology development and R&D. We have about 1,300 staff, of which over 50% are R&D staff. These efforts are in line with the aspirations of the Hong Kong government for the city to excel in innovation and technology and, ultimately, to diversify the economy and offer quality career opportunities for our people.”

            Mrs. Carrie LAM CHENG Yuet-ngor, The Chief Executive of The HKSAR, given a tour of ASMPT’s Innovation Centre by some young engineers of ASMPT.

            Mrs. Carrie LAM CHENG Yuet-ngor, The Chief Executive of The HKSAR, with the management and engineers of ASMPT

            ASMPT’s new office at Gateway in Tsing Yi.

            Interior of ASMPT’s new Hong Kong office.
            More than just a workplace, it is a vibrant environment with a gymnasium for employees to reinvigorate, and a large canteen and lounge area for relaxation and interaction.

            # # #

            About ASM Pacific Technology Limited

            As a global technology and market leader, ASMPT (HKEX stock code: 0522), develops and provides leading-edge solutions in surface mount technology, equipment and materials for the semiconductor assembly and packaging industries. Its surface mount technology solutions are deployed in a wide range of end-user markets including electronics, mobile communications, automotive, industrial and LED. Its continuous investment in research and development help to provide customers with innovative and cost-efficient solutions and systems that enable them to achieve higher productivity, greater reliability and enhanced quality.

            Listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange since 1989, ASMPT is currently one of the constituent stocks on the Hang Seng Composite MidCap Index under the Hang Seng Composite Size Indexes, the Hang Seng Composite Information Technology Industry Index under Hang Seng Composite Industry Indexes, the Hang Seng Hong Kong 35 Index and the Hang Seng Global Composite Index. To learn more about ASMPT, please visit its website at www.asmpacific.com.

            For further information, please contact:

            On behalf of ASMPT:

            Strategic Financial Relations Limited
            Mandy Go / Antonio Yu / Rachel Ko
            Tel: 2864 4812 / 2114 4319 / 2114 2370
            Fax: 2527 1196
            Email: mandy.go@sprg.com.hk / antonio.yu @sprg.com.hk / rachel.ko@sprg.com.hk

            Fact Sheet of ASM Pacific Technology Ltd

            ASMPT’s notable milestones:

            • Founded in Hong Kong in 1975
            • Listed in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange since 1989 with market capitalization of around US$5 billion in 2019
            • Recognized by Thomson Reuters as one of the Top 100 Global Technology Leader in 2018, the only company with its roots in Hong Kong
            • ASMPT is now headquartered in Singapore with 10 R&D centers and 12 manufacturing sites around the globe, employing more than 16,000 people
            • ASMPT is a technology focused company, employing more than 2,000 R&D engineers worldwide and holding more than 1,400 patents on leading edge technologies
            • In 1989, ASMPT setup its first manufacturing plant in China in Shenzhen. Today, ASMPT has three manufacturing facilities in the Greater Bay Area, employing more than 8,000 people
            • ASMPT expanded to Singapore in 1990, Malaysia in 2000 and set up its third R&D center in Chengdu, China in 2008
            • ASMPT’s business consists of three segments, namely the Back-end Equipment Segment, the Materials Segment and the SMT (Surface Mount Technology) Solutions Segment
            • ASMPT is the world’s largest semiconductor packaging equipment supplier since 2002
            • ASMPT acquired the SMT placement business from Siemens in 2010 and grew the business to become world #1 in 2016
            • Achieved revenue of US$2.5B in 2018
            • ASMPT’s Hong Kong R&D team won the Technology Achievement Grand Awards of HKIA in 1999, 2015 and 2017
            • ASMPT’s Singapore R&D team won the Technological Achievement Grand Award in Singapore in 1999
            • Recognized by McKinsey in 2015 as the only semiconductor back-end equipment company generating the bulk of the industry’s economic profit among competing peers
            • ASMPT’s factory in Munich, Germany was awarded European Factory of the Year Award in 2012 and 2016 by Produktion magazine and AT Kearney
            • ASMPT’s global SMT production was awarded 2018 Factory of the Year/Global Excellence in Operations (GEO) Award in the Excellent Production Network category by Produktion magazine and AT Kearney. Special recognition was given to the high level of common standards within its global production network in Munich (Germany), Weymouth (UK), Singapore and Malaysia
            • ASMPT won the Directors of the Year Awards in 2017 (Collective Board) and 2018 (Individual Director) by Hong Kong Institute of Directors